Monday, 9 December 2013

Book Advent Calendar Day Eight - "How Santa Really Works" by Alan Snow...

"How Santa Really Works" by Alan Snow (yes, really!) - £5.49 from Amazon

Another book which Mini Me was lucky enough to have gifted him last year. A great pop-up book which covers all the essential questions: "Where does Santa live?", " How does he know what I want" and "What does Santa do after Christmas".

To be honest, Mini Me wasn't really that into this book last year - i think he was a bit young. This year he loves it, but not to listen too - no he likes to look at and play with the pop-up bits, and make his own stories up.  This is a book which I think will grow with him though - and there are lots of things to keep him entertained.  It is perfectly made as well - with the back of the pop-ups being as detailed as the front - and things like the bed sheets and toilet seats lift up - so there is plenty for little fingers and eyes to explore!!

Mini Me: Four Stars
Manchester Mummy: Five Stars

Manchester Mummy x

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